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Imerys Clay Tiles


Imerys Clay Tiles

Posted 1 month ago

I have a large number of clay tiles leftover from a recent project. Happy for them to be taken for free.

They are clay tiles manufactured by french company Imerys / Edilians, aesthetically pleasing, durable and robust.

The manufacturer originally sold us the wrong tile, and subsequently sent us the correct ones of which we have several spare, the company also sent out a pallet of a completely different tile altogether, so we have 3x different tiles to sell!

HP 10 Huguenot

406x HP 10 Huguenot

23x Half left hand cloaked verge tile

23x Half right hand cloaked verge tile

^^ This tile was misold to us and subsequently fitted on the roof, so they are used, however they are in great condition.

Product info:


H 10 Huguenot

86x Double bead tile H 10 Huguenot

40x Half tile H 10 Huguenot

5x End tile with flap

Product info:


PV 10 Huguenot

240x PV 10 Huguenot

Product info:



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