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Shot Scope V2 GPS + Performance Tracking Watch


Shot Scope V2 GPS + Performance Tracking Watch

Posted 2 weeks ago

Shot Scope V2 GPS + Performance Tracking

The Shot Scope V2 provides dynamic yardages to the front, middle and back of the green, from a database of over 35,000 course worldwide, with free firmware updates. The detailed mapping of the courses provide highly accurate distances based on real time location and angle of approach. The V2 not only provides you with accurate GPS, but has the ability to track and monitor your performance. Performance tracking and access to 100+ statistics allows you to make well-informed decisions and focus on how to improve your game.

On Course

GPS + Performance Tracking

3 golf modes

Dynamic F/M/B green distances

Front & carry distance for every hazard

Distances available in Yards or Meters

35,000 courses available to download

Automatic Shot Detection

ClubSense Technology to provide seamless tracking

No phone or tagging required

Conforms to the Rules of Golf

16 tracking tags with Smart GPS chip for automatic club recognition

PinCollect Technology provides enhanced approaches, short game and putting statistics

Off Course

Over 100 statistics available to analyse

Interactive performance dashboard

Industry leading putting statistics

Every shot plotted on a map of the course

Interactive features; Medals, Leaderboards and Course Hub

Free firmware updates, including new features

Free mobile and desktop apps

Sync your round via Bluetooth or USB

This is a fantastic tool to help improve your course management, only selling as I have upgraded to the Shotscope version 3


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