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Posted 1 year ago

Ford Mustang convertible



Originally built at the Metuchen, New Jersey in 1965 as a Mustang six cylinder convertible , it was purchased by the current owner in 2000 from “MustangsOnly” , LA, California as a Mustang uprated to 289 GT specifications, having been fitted with a rebuilt 289 V8 engine with a 4 valve head running through a new C4 Automatic transmission to a rebuilt rear end with posi traction ( Limited Slip Diff). The steering was uprated to V8 power steering, with front disc brakes. The initial specification is confirmed in a 51 item specification from “MustangsOnly” in the history file when the car was supplied to the owner in 2000.

On arrival in Jersey, the Mustang was improved and regularly serviced over the period 2000 /2009, again the history file has accounts from us for maintenance and general improvement totalling over £10000 over the nine year period to 2009,

In 2009 the decision was taken to completely restore the car, the work comprised of a chassis up restoration which was carried out in our workshops and completed in 2011, the total cost for labour and parts was just under £55,000 for a complete restoration of the car. The work carried and invoices are detailed in the history file which accompanies the Mustang, and which confirm that the car is capable of being used on a regular basis, and ideally suited for road trips in Europe.

The car is now in excellent near concours condition, presenting extremely well in red with new US supplied two red and white interior complimented by a white hood and polished allow wheels. Having restored the body work, and interior, all of the mechanical components are either new, or have been restored. The history file has detailed accounts of the work we have carried out in stages I & 2 of the restoration program, the Mustang has been restored to very high standard of panels fit , with great attention to detail getting panel gaps correct, this was not a budget restoration, but one to produce car in concours condition.

The bodywork was restored with great attention to detail, all areas of rust or corrosion were either cut out and repaired or new panels made on the original presses were fitted, resulting in an excellent body shell without the problem of filler over rust often found in US restorations. The interior is resplendent in two red and white with a complimentary white hood. Everything is correct in detail including the correct radio purchased in the USA.


History file to include

Original specifications from MustangsOnly

Copy import docs & US title

Bills and invoice for initial maintenance

Bills and invoices for restoration

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