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KTM Adventure 990


KTM Adventure 990

Posted 3 weeks ago

A real corker of a bike.

Owned since new, was my daily year round bike for a few years, but has been sat (indoors) for a couple of years now, I stripped it down, gave it all a good clean, new tyres, exhaust etc... put it back together then after about 10 miles I dropped it, got so angry I put it back in the shed and now I'm a little bit scared of it.

Mileage is around 9k, I've got full service history until I stopped using it.

In mixed condition. Great runner, sounds epic with the single exhaust and has virtually every extra KTM made for it (luggage boxes, anodised parts, crash bars, GPS & mounts etc), but... I scuffed up a panel, broke a mirror and kicked off the tail tidy, so it needs a morning of work to have it looking great again.

Will be really sad to see it go, but I just feel a bit scared of it which is silly, as it's a gentle giant! The single exhaust conversion cost a bomb, but it sounds epic with lots of pops and bangs on the overrun.

Open to part-x for some kind of classic car... ideally Land Rover.

open to offers

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