Advertise on Tig

Tig​.gg was established in Guernsey in 2008 to assist islanders with selling and purchasing various items via our bespoke online trading platform.

The popularity of the website has grown significantly over the years and today Tig​.gg is regarded as Guernsey’s No.1 trading site. We have over 8,000 registered users and attract unique views from approximately 20,000 islanders per month.

We believe that Tig​.gg offers the most cost-effective way of advertising in the Island when compared to other media channels. We also have a dedicated focus to promotion via social media ensuring your business engages with a wide audience on a personal level.

Tig Advertising Price List 2019 — 2020

Reaching 20,000+ unique users per month, advertising is easy, affordable & effective.

Banner Ads

On the left-hand side of your chosen section of the website. An image is required size standard banner sizes and are 300 × 250 pixels in size or could use any other standard format so long as the width is 300 pixels.

Costs: Banner Advertising:

  • 3 months £175

  • 6 months £325

  • 12 months £600