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We believe that Tig​.gg offers the most cost-effective way of advertising in the Island when compared to other media channels. We also have a dedicated focus to promotion via social media ensuring your business engages with a wide audience on a personal level.

We offer two Tig Pro plans: Pro Listings and Pro Deals. These allow you to post unlimited items in either listings or offers for the duration of your plan.

Tig Pro Listings

Located at the top of your chosen category, you have unlimited listings in your own space (includes listing in private seller area) and you are in complete control, you manually add each item to be sold.


  • 6 months £449

  • 12 months £749

Tig Pro Listings with a content feed

We can look to create a content feed from your website, that will return the products you are promoting, without you needing to add them manually. This may or not be possible based on your website, but we are happy to review.

  • 12 months £1200

Tig Pro Deals

Become a Tig​.gg Pro Deals subscriber and you can post unlimited deals for the duration of your plan.

  • 6 months £249

  • 12 months £399

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Further information

For further information please e‑mail: [email protected]​tig.​gg

Why your business should be on Tig​.gg

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  • Established in 2008

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  • 18 – 2410

  • 24 – 3522%

  • 35 – 4416%

  • 45 – 5421%

  • 55 – 6414%

  • 65+: 17%

User Demographics By Gender

  • Male: 65%

  • Female: 35%